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Q-bust Overview

‘Q-bust” FZE is a new addition to the UAE retail scene and offer retailers’ innovative channel to market solutions to support the evolving demands of today’s shoppers.

One such solution that Q-bust represents in Dubai is the upcoming mobile application ‘toodle’, which will provide retailers a wider set of consumer touch points at a low entry level cost. Q-bust understands the growing demands on consumers ‘time’ and the need for ‘convenience’ shopping. Therefore Q-bust aims to bust queues anywhere making the whole shopping experience as simple as possible. For shoppers, Q-bust’s unique selling point is “Ultra Swift Purchasing”

Q-bust Vision:

Making shopping easy, no matter where you are in the world!

Q-bust Mission::

Seamless shopping that combines in store and online applications to benefit both the retailer and the shopper.

Q-bust Background

Managing Director Carrie Dodd, created the company to offer retail consultancy and m-Commerce products for customers in the UAE. With 30 years’ experience with well-known high street brands such as New Look & Victoria Secrets, she uses her retail experience to ease and enhance the retail experience. Carrie’s retail journey has taken her from humble beginnings as a part time ‘shop-girl’ to senior operations manager role for Victoria Secret, where she was responsible for 13 markets in eight countries across the MENA and Europe. While setting up franchise stores from the ground up, in 2015 her colleague and mentor of 14 years Alan Osborne (formerly a director with New Look) presented an opportunity to take on the MENA franchise rights for “toodle”, the upcoming in- store and on-line shopping mobile application. This exciting challenge prompted Carrie to set up as a retail consultant and Q-bust FZE was born.

Q-bust Retail Consultancy

Carrie’s forte rests in identifying the specific areas of where a retail business is struggling, what are the challenges and root cause, and seeking out solutions to improve business performance. With this approach and breadth of retail knowledge she can implement a short and long term strategy to get the business back on track without huge investment!

In Carrie’s own words:

“Retail is simple but organisations tend to make it complicated”

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